About Us

Sanso is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of ceramic sanitary ware products in India.

Mr.HABIB statement many years ago on the use of SANSO Sanitary Wares product by its unique fashion, environments protection, clean attracted by the concept. SANSO Sanitary Wares long advocated the “fashion-warm” and sanitary livinig concept, the process of using its comfort, attention to detail, proper design and indeed to meet the high quality of urbanite life it as a leader of modem life. Therefore, the image of him as spokesperson SANSO Sanitary Wares felt very honored.
Believes that “fashion-Warm” SANSO Sanitary Wares to enjoy high quality of life” slogan has a strong call for the Mr. HABIB under the bathroom will be SANSO Sanitary Wares advocated by the health, sanitary lifestyle concept of the best interpretation.
It will be your best choice to cooperate with us…